Not many people can say that they have a song in a Brian Bozworth movie. The movie is Stone Cold and it came out in 1991. I had a publishing deal with Third Stone from the Middle Music, a Los Angeles based publishing company that was owned by actor, Michael Douglas. They were working on the soundtrack for the film. 

I had a song that I had never released called "Fatal Kiss" that was licensed for that movie. Sometimes, when you have a song in a movie, it plays quietly in the background, and people watching barely notice it’s there. Not in this case. I had no idea until I sat in the theater on the day of the films release,  that my song was going to blast out across the room at full volume while Brian F*%#king Bosworth rode his motorcycle across the landscape. 

A few years later, I got a call from David Lee Roth, and he kept me on the phone for about an hour talking about how he saw this movie and he really loved my song. He said he would like to record it on his new record. He also asked for something unusual, he wanted to use my 24 track master and just put his voice on the song. I thought that was wild but agreed to it. My co-writer on the song delivered the tapes to his LA mansion and was greeted by David in a golf cart. Anyway, it didn’t make it on his record but I still have the story!

Having my song in the movie would have been enough, but what really made me happy was all the emails and letters that I’ve gotten over the years from people all over the world about my song. If you’re one of those people who have come looking and have found this post, wondering if I’m that person who sang that song. Or if you want a Mp3, shoot me an email.

Here's a clip from the film I found on YouTube, thanks to someone.