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I'm an animal lover - I am appalled by factory farming practices. It would be fantastic if everyone could be a vegetarian, but I know that is not likely to happen. So I am encouraged to see more and more alternatives to factory farmed meat, milk and cheese available to consumers. I hope that soon, the government will provide subsidies to these small farms that practice healthy and humane treatment of animals and diversity of crops but I'm not holding my breath. Until then, I am encouraged by the people who ask the tough questions about how their food is raised and make better choices based on those findings. Voting with your dollars sends a powerful message to businesses.


I started volunteering in 2002 for Vashon Island Pet Protectors - a no kill shelter for cats and dogs  on Vashon.  Along with being the webmaster of VIPP.oRG, I serve on the Board of Directors, have a shelter cleaning team, and am involved in some of the fundraisers. It is so rewarding to work with animals and the people who love them.

I started creating VIPP Videos for the organization's biggest fundraiser, The Fur Ball in 2013. I have a very talented and generous group of people who help me with these videos each year. 

This latest video was made by Julie Sotomura, with some help from me and my team. She did a wonderful job. This video ran at the 1018 Fur Ball Auction.