My music career began when I was a 20–year–old singer fronting a band called Poison Ivy, in San Diego clubs. I soon began writing more original material and moved to Los Angeles, where a lucky temp job with Chrysalis Records became a five–year education in the record biz, and paid the bills while I played gigs and recorded songs. A record contract eluded me, but a publishing deal kept me in L.A. when my song "Fatal Kiss" was licensed for placement in the 1991 film Stone Cold. Seeking solace from L.A. as one does after a time, I landed in Portland, Oregon in 1992 where I met my soon–to–be musical partner and husband, Pete Droge.

I recorded and toured with Pete Droge and the Sinners throughout the 90's as a back– up singer, playing acoustic guitar and percussion on several major–label records, and on tours in the States, Canada and Europe, opening for artists including Tom Petty and Neil Young. We performed twice on Late Night with David Letterman, once on The Jon Stewart Show, and Pete and I enjoyed performing part of a song in the Cameron Crowe film, Almost Famous. 

Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard signed me to his label Loosegroove Records and I released my first full–length album, Transplanting in 1997, produced by Pete Droge and recorded in our home studio. Sparkler followed in 2001, and during these years Pete and I began to settle into co–writing songs and co–producing our records and other artists'. Our musical journey then led us to licensing our songs for films, TV series and commercials. Our clients include Zombieland, Grey's Anatomy, Men in Trees, Nashville & Castle and Toyota. 

Pete and I have begun playing live shows again after a 10–year hiatus, and continue to evolve as musical collaborators.




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