It was a dream come true to have a scene in Cameron Crowe’s award winning movie ALMOST FAMOUS. The way I got there was thanks to a great consolation prize….

Pete was asked to audition for the role of the bass player, in Cameron’s new movie, Almost Famous. He had acted in plays when he was young but had no experience on camera. Of course, that didn’t stop him from doing a screen test. The role went to Mark Kozelek in the end, but Cameron had another idea. He asked that Pete write a song in the vein of “We’ll sweep out the ashes” by Gram Parsons, so Pete got busy and “Small Time Blues” was born. Cameron loved it!  Cameron said he would like Pete and I to come to LA and shoot a scene, singing Pete’s song. We are credited as the Hyatt Singers, but we were definitely channeling Gram and Emmylou. 

We sang the song one time, live on camera and it was a magical and calming moment. With people down on the floor, holding mics and lining the walls, being totally quiet for those 3 minutes while we sang.

Here’s a clip that is the actual footage from the film. Our scene is quite a bit shorter.