VCA Concert


Pete and I were very excited to play our first show in 10 years at the new Vashon Center for the Arts AKA Katherine L. White Hall. To make it even sweeter, it sold out. And if that wasn’t enough, we had our dear old friends, Peter Stroud on guitar, Martin Feveyear running sound, and Andy McCulla helping as guitar tech and staging. Truely a warm and fuzzy night. 

We were so lucky to be loaned some beautiful paintings from Olivia Pendergast for our stage set. A few dining room chairs from our house and a couple of my mosaics and we were ready to play. I don’t think I’ve ever played a show quite like this one. The room was ready for music and so soon after the election, everyone wanted to be transported. I certainly was. Very thankful for our community and the people who came from across the big and the little pond. It was also super special that two of my four brothers came out for the show. Thanks for the soundcheck photo, Greg!