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Jan 02 15

MOSAIC NEWS: I have a good selection of Mosaics for sale - most of them are posted under "Currently for sale" in the arts section of this website.

Jan 9th through the 29th, I am a part of the Vashon Allied Arts Gallery "CAT SHOW" Multiple artists with cats as the theme.

SOUNDS: The Droge & Summers Blend, Vol 2 is out an available. You can buy direct from us at http://www.puzzletreemusic.com/store. Thank you to all the people who have bought the music - we love you!

If you listen to SiriusXM radio, you may hear a few cuts from the new record on The Loft or The Coffee House.

A song called "Beautiful Lie" that Droge and I co-wrote with Jaime Wyatt and performed by her band, CALICO was featured on the ABC show NASHVILLE on Jan 22nd - it is available on iTunes. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/beautiful-lie-feat.-pete-droge/id80567...

SIGHTS: I've added some live videos of Pete Droge and the Sinners from back in the day in the music section of this site. We are slowly transferring a lot of the VSH video to digital and its fun to see them after all these years.

DOCUMENTARIES: Another exciting project that is bubbling under is Tree Story - see the trailer for this some day to be made documentary and you will hear a song by the droge and summers' blend at the end called Tie The Knot. http://www.treestorymovie.com/home/

A Lot Like You (the documentary by Eli Kimaro) continues to have momentum. A DVD is available on the recently launched website. Please take a few minutes to explore all of the great things happening with this film. http://alotlikeyoumovie.com