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Feb 16 16

MOSAIC NEWS: I was happy to be a part of the GOLD Medal winners, English Landscape USA at this year's NW Flower and Garden Show. All of the Mosaic pieces that were in the show are for sale and prices are listed in the Arts section or just click here: http://elainesummers.com/photos/2016-nw-flower-and-garden-show-art. If you would like to buy something, please email: es@elainesummers.com. Thanks!

SOUNDS: Pete Droge and I are on a mission to finish a group of songs and instrumentals that were started over the last few years. I'm pretty sure that a good amount of them will be on a new Pete Droge record- very excited about that. The Droge & Summers Blend, Vol 2 is out an available. You can buy the EP direct from us at http://www.puzzletreemusic.com/store. Thank you to all the people who have bought the music!

Mr Droge has just produced and mixed a record for Moody Little Sister (Portland Duo). A beautiful record it surely is. I served in the roll as Exec. Producer on the project - Look for them playing live shows in your town as their record will be available any day now.

SIGHTS: I've added some live videos of Pete Droge and the Sinners from back in the day in the music section of this site. We are slowly transferring a lot of the VSH video to digital and its fun to see them after all these years.

DOCUMENTARIES: A Lot Like You (the documentary by Eli Kimaro) continues to have momentum. A DVD is available to buy and get it digitally on iTunes, Google Play or stream it on Amazon. Please take a few minutes to explore all of the great things happening with this film. http://alotlikeyoumovie.com